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The ISMC Group is a German-based company with 20 years of experience, specializing in providing exceptional business management and consulting services to organizations worldwide. Our mission is to assist public, private, and nonprofit organizations in achieving their goals. We have established ourselves as experts in various fields, including setting up businesses in Germany and from Germany to India, BPO partnerships, project management, strategic decision-making, sustainability, digitization, and technology implementation 

All about ISMC


Welcome to ISMC,


ISMC is a global professional service firm delivering the outcomes that push our clients businesses and shape their future. And we do it all with purpose. From Germany to India and are able to grow human resources especially in India, because of skill shortages in Germany.


No jobs currently available.

ISMC Partner Program

There's no such thing as going it alone, which is why we partner with leading businesses.


We blend our business and operational expertise with our partners' innovative business over all industries. At ISMC, we don't outsource problems – we focus on true, long-lasting practical working solutions.


In a world of constant change and complex challenges, people expect a lot from their service providers.

With our network of partnerships and alliances we exceed those expectations. Through close collaboration, we help clients in their business growth.

We believe that together we are uniquely positioned to solve our mutual clients' biggest problems that takes away the complexity and makes it simple leading to quicker value!


Be part of our global ecosystem

Ingo Schmitz (CEO)- +49 69 400 50 170

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Rana Hargovind Singh (AIG e.V)

Sonnenstrasse 84, 48429 Rheine Germany 

Tax ID 311/5180/1391, VAT ID (USt) DE 251989651




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